2 Reasons to Host Your Own Blog

There are millions of humans who accept admirable blogs online today. They accommodate admired content, admirable graphics, and alarming pictures. All abundant things if it comes to blogging. But the one affair that’s not in their favor is it’s accepting done application a chargeless blogging platform. This is acceptable if you are blogging as a amusement or a way to accurate yourself. But not so acceptable if you are blogging from a business perspective. All of your harder plan and accomplishment can calmly be wiped abroad in the bang of a button, with no questions asked if you aren’t application your own hosting and area name because you do not own your blog. Why not body something that you accept abounding ascendancy over from the actual start. Why You Should Host Your Own Blog: 1) Branding If you are blogging for business or to body a name for yourself online branding is a key aspect in amid yourself from the crowd. Chargeless blogging platforms accomplish it abundant harder for you to angle out from the army because no amount how harder you plan or advance yourself you still are announcement their brand. Here’s what I mean: If you are application a blogging website to do your blog you will accept to actualize your own name on the website for your blog. Let’s say you use John Smith. Your blog name would be your name additional the website name for your domain. This around makes it a continued area name to explain to your friends, family, or readers. Wouldn’t just your name or your website name be abundant easier to explain and abundant easier for them to remember? No amount how abundant accomplishment you put into the blog the acrid absoluteness in the end is it isn’t absolutely yours. By owning your own blog you acquiesce yourself the adeptness to cast yourself or your website with no conflict. 2) You Accept Complete Control If you are traveling to accept a business online, abnormally blogging, why not accept complete ascendancy over it. You can accomplish the blog any way you wish with no restrictions or backlash. What you post, the pictures you use, the attending of your site, and the functionality all depend on you and your efforts. While owning your own blog may yield a bit added accomplishment than application a chargeless belvedere a section of apperception of accepting complete ascendancy of all aspects of your blog should accomplish it account while. If your blog gets shut down on a chargeless blogging belvedere you could consistently move to addition of course, but that comes with accident of accident your readership and all of your work. Accepting complete ascendancy of your blog from the alpha allows you to advance your readership and your plan for as continued as you own your area name and pay your hosting fees. Don’t let hosting your own blog abash you. It’s bargain to get your own hosting and area name. Both accumulated can amount anywhere from 10-15 dollars a month. Application WordPress as a belvedere for you blog your you can calmly apprentice how to set it up in beneath than a day. It allows you to bypass all the abstruse being like HTML coding and allows you to calmly add features, pictures, and posts quickly. Again if you are searching to start-up a blog for business, I acclaim starting it the appropriate way by accepting your own hosting and area from the beginning. Using these tips will get you started off right. Best Wishes!